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Smooth puree, like chocolate pudding, may be easy to swallow, but the FEES exam can make sure.

20 Reasons to Choose FEES: The Proof is in the Pudding

The Proof is In the Pudding: A Tribute to Steven Leder’s Contributions to FEES & 20 Reasons to choose FEES by Karen Sheffler, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S of SwallowStudy.com *** This is an excerpt from the blog I wrote for SDX Dysphagia Experts for their Food 4 Thought blog. This is Part 1. Check out Part 2 on Food 4 Thought.  and Part 3. Thank you SDX for your support of SwallowStudy.com. *** Can you imaging not being able […]

Both the blue and the green food coloring in these glasses contains the FD&C Blue No. 1.

Do You Still Do Green & Blue Dye?

Do You Still Use Green & Blue Dye in Your Swallow Studies? by Karen Sheffler, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S of SwallowStudy.com You may be using food coloring in your holiday cookie decorating. In March, maybe you will have a green beer or two! Your kids may have marveled at blue ketchup. Here are my questions: Are you still using blue or green dye in your clinical bedside swallowing evaluations or endoscopic evaluations of swallowing? If you use […]