SwallowStudy.com Offers Dysphagia Resources

Healthcare workers and people with difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) need up-to-date dysphagia resources. Here on Swallow Study, we provide just that.

What is Dysphagia? Dysphagia means difficulty swallowing or moving food, liquid, and/or pills from the mouth to the stomach. There may be problems in the oral (mouth) phase, the pharyngeal (throat) phase, or in the esophageal (food tube) phase.

Where do I go for help? In addition to checking out this Swallow Study website, please talk with your doctor and ask for appropriate referrals based on your individual needs. They’ll be able to best tell you where you can go for a swallow study examination.

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I have dedicated my career to helping people who have difficulty swallowing. I strive to provide comprehensive dysphagia resources for professionals and patients around the world. Here are a few examples:

Have you been told that you need a swallow study for dysphagia?

Are you a researcher interested in oral care and aspiration pneumonia?

Oral Care and Aspiration Pneumonia Prevention

Do you work with patients with dysphagia at a hospital or rehabilitation center? Are you interested in how to write policies for aspiration pneumonia prevention?

Are you a clinician or researcher who missed the latest news from your favorite dysphagia conference?

Check out SwallowStudy.com. Enjoy the blog! Use the patient and clinician links, find quick dysphagia resources, and read product reviews. Please use comment boxes.

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