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radiation risks from video fluoroscopy

Low Radiation Risks from Videofluoroscopic Swallow Studies (Adults)

Know the Facts: What are the True Radiation Risks from Videofluoroscopic Swallow Studies? By Karen Sheffler, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S of SwallowStudy.com in collaboration with Dr. Heather Shaw Bonilha, Ph.D., CCC-SLP   Are these common scenarios in your clinical day working with people who have difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)?   Your patient refuses a medically and therapeutically necessary swallowing evaluation with motion x-ray (aka, Videofluoroscopic Swallow Study/VFSS or Modified Barium Swallow Study/MBSS) due to radiation risks from videofluoroscopic swallow studies. The doctor […]